Buildings and businesses c1895 on site of I.O.O.F building before fire of August 23, 1900.

O.W. Teaby Blacksmith, Saloon, Meat market, Chas. L. Freylach General Merchandise, and Tin Shop.

The basement under the Meat Market and Freylach building survived the fire. Bernard W. Feldmeyer owned the property, rebuilt the brick building over the basement with another brick building on each end, then added a second story. (The foundations under the buildings at each end were not built as solid as the original basement as witnessed today by the sagging windows and floors in the second story.) Feldmeyer sold the building to I.O.O.F. (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) in 1905.

Bernard W. Feldmeyer - Julius C. Stamer

Bernard W. Feldmeyer (1846 Germany – 1914 Geyserville) – ship carpenter, 1869 to United States, vineyardist, carpenter, contractor of wine cellars, 1869 Geyserville, real estate investments, builder of brick blocks, banker.

Julius C. Stamer (1837 Germany – 1905 San Francisco) — Commission business banking, 1859 to United States, grocer, 1884 to Geyserville, winemaker.

1889 – Julius C. Stamer and Bernard W. Feldmeyer, proprietors of the Geyserville winery since 1884. Present site of I.O.O.F. building. (Illustration for the History of Sonoma County, 1889)

Water System 1904
1906 Earthquake
After 1905

Interior of second story of the I.O.O.F. building in Geyserville after 1905. Chairs, with woven, rawhide seats, “made at factory in Forestville.”

Chair with rawhide seat (Harry Bosworth collection)

Chair with rawhide seat (Harry Bosworth collection)

Geyserville Oddfellows New Officers
1905 Looking Up Main Street
1905 Looking Up Depot Street
Circa 1912

Left Top: Depot St., Geyserville, CAL, Looking West
Left Bottom: Main St., Geyserville, CAL, Looking North

From the Sonoma County Library Collection

Healdsburg Tribune, Enterprise and Scimitar, 4 May 1922
“Members of the I.O.O.F. have been busy this week tearing the old roof from their building to make way for a new one”

After 1925

11 December 1939
Healdsburg Tribune, Enterprise and Scimitar

Lodge Buys Teaby Property
Geyserville Odd Fellows’ Lodge No. 176 purchased for $765 the building and lot in Geyserville from Oscar Teaby estate.

1937 Ad
1955 Golden Anniversary
Circa 1955
February - May 1967 Monday Afternoon Club Community Improvement Project

February – May 1967
Monday Afternoon Club Community Improvement Project

1959 Hall Broken Into
1968 Improvements
1970's SNOW!